amazing results and revealing reviews of bhave keratin smoothing – part 4

If you are considering getting your keratin smoothing on and you are in the research phase you might like to see how it has worked on other clients and read some feedback. We love that about you – anything worth having is worth a bit of time and research right?


In that spirit we are also going to address the elephant that’s climbed into our room, clients purchasing our keratin smoothing treatment on-line and applying it at home. Firstly we do not sell our treatment to the public so if you’re buying it online it is from an unauthorised seller. If you’re buying from an unauthorised seller they are more concerned with making money off you than how your hair is going to look.

We do not want to lecture you in any way but we do want to protect your hair. Our keratin smoothing treatment is a salon professional product only. The reason we have developed the keratin smoothing treatment for in-salon use only is because we want you to experience the best results possible and protect you from hair disasters. We want you to experience manageable, beautiful hair that leaves you feeling amazing and confident. This will not happen if you do this treatment at home.

Hairdressers are trained professionals and like other professionals, they have a depth of knowledge that allows them to assess and adjust treatments so they are the perfect fit for your hair texture and condition, plus we provide in-salon training and that’s why they achieve such fabulous results.  We seriously encourage you to avoid a DIY keratin smoothing treatment because you deserve the real deal just like the lovely ladies below have had.

Beauty heaven.JPGYou can read an independent review from Melissa, published on Primped, about her keratin smoothing experience by clicking here . Or to see how Isabelle’s hair turned out on Beauty Heaven click here.  Kimmi from the Plastic Diaries shares great photos of her before and after here. Zoe Foster Blake needed to make life easier (especially hair life) and shares how our keratin smoothing treatment did that here. If you want to see how your smoothing can look over time then this post by Tine from Beautyholics anonymous shows a progressive timeline of her treatment, click here.


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Neil Cleminson




how to look after your new keratin smoothing treatment – part 3

Firstly, congratulations on your newly smoothed hair. Doesn’t it feel amazing!


This is the lovely Rachel from Townsville, as you can see from her before photo she has been fighting the frizz. After her keratin smoothing treatment, Rachel has been able to wash and wear her hair (as shown in the after image above). If she wanted to create a straighter, sleeker appearance all she would need to do would be to wash and blast dry her hair. 

As you know your treatment will last up to 5 months, depending on your hair type and how you look after it, so here’s our cheat sheet on how to do just that.

  • Do wait for 48 hours after your treatment before washing it out. This allows the treatment to work its magic into your hair. There is, however no benefit of leaving your treatment in any longer than this – it will only dry out your hair.
  • If your hair happens to get wet before the 48 hour period, don’t panic. Simply blow dry it off asap and when it’s dry go over it lightly with a flat iron on a low heat setting.
  • Do not use any styling products until after the first proper shampoo at home. If you need to, you can use the riot control oil to smooth down any pesky flyaways.
  • Use bhave sodium chloride and sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to support and maximise the longevity of your treatment. If you do use shampoos and conditioners that contain sodium chloride it may strip out your treatment. We have formulated all of our bhave shampoo and conditioners specifically to help maintain the results of your treatment for as long as possible.
  • If you like to have your hair coloured in a darker shade then we recommend waiting 7-10 days after your treatment before colouring.
  • If you’re a water baby and you love to swim be aware that sea or chlorinated water may reduce the longevity of your treatment. To counteract this we recommend that you apply leave-in crème and riot control oil before your swim and rinse your hair with fresh water immediately after. This will help eliminate any salt or chlorine build up.
  • If you love exercising and building up a sweat, rinse your hair with fresh water after your workout to eliminate the salt.
  • Use heat to activate the smoothing effect. As this is NOT a straightening treatment, however, you can wash’n’wear if you would like a little bit of movement without frizz.


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Neil Cleminson

this is why rescue therapy is magic for your hair

I frequently get clients who are distressed by the condition of their hair. They’re suffering from misbehaving tresses due to regular colouring, daily use of heat appliances, normal environmental damage such as swimming or in some extreme cases, breakage and snapping of the hair shaft. These are all confidence zapping experiences that leave them feeling distraught and despondent which is why I developed our bhave rescue therapy.

rescue-therapy-groupOur rescue therapy is an in-salon treatment that can initially be applied weekly to extremely damaged hair and then every 4 to 6 weeks thereafter to help repair, renew and protect at risk hair.  Think of it as a facial for your hair. Just like your face, your hair deserves to be treated with kindness because just like your skin, your hair ages and will show the effects of dryness and mistreatment in ways that don’t flatter.


These photos show the difference our rescue therapy makes.  The left image shows the extent of damage to this client’s hair before the treatment and the right shows the same client’s hair after only one rescue therapy treatment. What a difference. Using the rescue shampoo and conditioner at home will also help her to continue to repair her hair between treatments.

The difference between the product we have developed and other popular products on the market is the way in which they work. Rescue therapy is loaded with fully bioactive keratin protein. This keratin protein is a miracle worker on hair because it mimics and regenerates the hair’s own natural keratin which allows it to repair damage. This is why rescue therapy is magic for your hair.  

Rescue is not a polymer or silicone based product. Instead of applying a silicone or polymer layer over the top of broken cuticles, which acts as a temporary coating system, our rescue therapy penetrates the hair shaft allowing it to repair and restore each strand of hair from the inside out and it won’t weigh your hair down because it has a light molecular weight that makes it suitable for all hair types, yes even fine has.  A quick read of the ingredient list shows how this product is power packed.

Why should you care? This means that instead of applying a superficial and temporary coating our rescue therapy is working to improve your hair. It protects, helps repair any existing damage and creates more manageability and shine for the long term. It evens out porosity for the next colour treatment and restores elasticity. It’s heaven for your hair as Stephanie from Lipstick and Cake discovered during her treatment.

Lift your hair confidence to a new level.

Click here to read more or email us at to find a participating salon near you.

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7 styles that save time and look fabulous


Haircuts that allow you to style less and live more are top of our agenda for 2017.  Here are some hot options for you to consider:

  • Opt for a Bob or a Lob. Whether you go classic or edgy these cuts are great for weighing down your hair and adding chic to your style. They are perfect for wavy or fine hair.
  • If you’re blessed with luscious locks and plenty of them, keeping some length and layers to your hair will make for easy maintenance.
  • If your hair is on the finer side having a one length blunt cut just above the shoulders will add the illusion of thickness and make for easy styling.
  • A pixie cut looks fab on wavy haired girls and can be low maintenance with a touch of product. It’s also versatile enough to be styled into something edgy when the occasion calls for it.
  • A short undercut with a bit of length through the top can be an easy style to manage (this one will depend on the texture of your hair).
  • If you’ve got to here and feeling left out because your texture won’t suit any of the above cuts then maybe it’s time to consider a keratin smoothing treatment. This makes for a low maintenance hairstyle, especially on thick, coarse, hard-to-manage hair. Warning – be prepared to ditch the frizz!
  • Lastly – steer clear of fringes and bangs especially if you’re blessed with curls. These put the high in high maintenance.

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11 simple solutions for detangling your hair pain-free


Dreadlocks were great for Bob Marley, but we’re not all music legends. Knots or tangles call them what you may, but either way, they are a nightmare to deal with once fully formed. They are in fact enough to bring a grown woman to tears.

We get that sensitive scalps and knotty locks are not a joke which is why we’ve compiled a go-to list of knot solutions with you in mind. We hope it brings some relief.

  1. Divide and conquer, don’t try and detangle all at once because that is going to lead to tears. Segment your hair into small, manageable sections using clips to keep each section separate. Work your detangling brush or comb from ends to roots through each section.
  2. Always work from the ends up. This allows you to detangle one small area at a time.
  3. Hold your fingers firmly above the offending knot so that you avoid pulling at your roots while you use your comb to work around and through the knot.
  4. When washing and conditioning follow these rules;
    • If you have straight hair –
      • Make it easy; detangle in the shower after you’ve shampooed and while you still have conditioner in your hair.
      • Wash only your roots then add conditioner only to your ends.
      • When you are ready to rinse out your conditioner, take a detangling brush and work from the ends of your hair to the roots before rinsing out.
    • If you have curly hair –
      • Washing your hair is a bit of an art – remember you are washing your scalp only.
      • Massage your shampoo into your scalp using your fingertips only, avoid rubbing your hair and creating more knots and tangles.
      • When conditioning, work your conditioner all the way through your hair, making sure the entire hair shaft is saturated.
      • Start at your ends and slowly comb through as you work your way up your hair shaft. Getting all the knots out of your hair at this stage is really important as once you have rinsed the conditioner out, DO NOT brush or comb your hair. This will create extra frizz once the hair dries.
      • Once you’ve stepped out of the shower NEVER rub your hair as a way of drying it. Use a squeezing motion to eliminate as much excess moisture as possible.
      • Spray on some super nova elixir to help detangle and comb through with your fingers. This will encourage your hair back into its’ natural ringlet form.
      • Squeeze a small amount of leave-in crème into your hands, rub through your fingers and apply to your ends first and slowly work your way up to the roots making sure the leave-in creme is evenly applied.
      • Either air dry your hair or use a diffuser with your hairdryer on a low speed.
  5. Use a detangling product like our super nova elixir after you’ve washed and towel dried your hair (using a gentle blotting motion to avoid making more knots). Spray a small amount of super nova evenly through your hair and detangle from the ends to the roots. Wallah!
  6. Keep your hair regularly trimmed – simple but true. This helps keep your hair in tip-top condition.
  7. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce friction as you turn through the night.
  8. Braid your hair before you go to bed again to reduce friction and knots forming.
  9. If you’re suffering from super knots, try detangling with your fingers first.
  10. Don’t try to detangle your hair when it’s dry or too wet as both of these will end in carnage. It’s a little like the story of the three bears; not too dry, not too wet, just damp makes for perfect detangling conditions.
  11. Use leave-in crème to help manage your knots before they take hold.


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from boring to body in 3 steps


Today’s quickie is all about body and heat and how you can apply both to your dry hair quickly and easily to release your inner sass.

Just because you were born with straight hair doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up with some texture in double quick time, and with party season knocking on the door now is the time to learn a trick or two.  Let’s start:-

  • Work a little heat protectant into your hair like our riot oil or leave in creme then section your hair into braid-able bites (the smaller the braids the more texture you’ll create – fine hair needs less braids, thicker hair will need more). Choose one, two or more.
  • Take your straightening irons and gently run them along each of your braids from top to bottom to press heat into them. Don’t press too hard or leave on too long as you don’t want to fry your locks.
  • Let your hair cool down before unwrapping your braids and releasing your waves. Add a spritz of hairspray to maintain the wave throughout the day.

No age limits apply – your hair, your life, your rules!