amazing results and revealing reviews of bhave keratin smoothing – part 4

If you are considering getting your keratin smoothing on and you are in the research phase you might like to see how it has worked on other clients and read some feedback. We love that about you – anything worth having is worth a bit of time and research right?


In that spirit we are also going to address the elephant that’s climbed into our room, clients purchasing our keratin smoothing treatment on-line and applying it at home. Firstly we do not sell our treatment to the public so if you’re buying it online it is from an unauthorised seller. If you’re buying from an unauthorised seller they are more concerned with making money off you than how your hair is going to look.

We do not want to lecture you in any way but we do want to protect your hair. Our keratin smoothing treatment is a salon professional product only. The reason we have developed the keratin smoothing treatment for in-salon use only is because we want you to experience the best results possible and protect you from hair disasters. We want you to experience manageable, beautiful hair that leaves you feeling amazing and confident. This will not happen if you do this treatment at home.

Hairdressers are trained professionals and like other professionals, they have a depth of knowledge that allows them to assess and adjust treatments so they are the perfect fit for your hair texture and condition, plus we provide in-salon training and that’s why they achieve such fabulous results.  We seriously encourage you to avoid a DIY keratin smoothing treatment because you deserve the real deal just like the lovely ladies below have had.

Beauty heaven.JPGYou can read an independent review from Melissa, published on Primped, about her keratin smoothing experience by clicking here . Or to see how Isabelle’s hair turned out on Beauty Heaven click here.  Kimmi from the Plastic Diaries shares great photos of her before and after here. Zoe Foster Blake needed to make life easier (especially hair life) and shares how our keratin smoothing treatment did that here. If you want to see how your smoothing can look over time then this post by Tine from Beautyholics anonymous shows a progressive timeline of her treatment, click here.


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did you see our live facebook feed?

Yesterday we produced our very first Facebook live feed from our head office. It was a nerve-racking, exciting and energy lifting experience for all of us here at HQ. We did have a few hiccups (practice makes perfect) but we were so thrilled to have jumped into the Facebook live pool and had a chance to connect and share with you, our incredible tribe and we are now well into planning and improving our next feed in two weeks.


To those of you who sent in your questions and those of you who jumped on to view the feed, we say THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your support means the world to us. Without you, there would be no place for us.

One of the questions we received during that feed was something we really wanted to talk about because it is a good question that deserves an open and honest answer. The lovely Jeanne of WA asked ‘Why is it so expensive’.

Two words, active ingredients; we invest immense amounts of time, money and resources into sourcing the best and most beneficial active ingredients we can. As Neil talked about yesterday, it is super important to all of us here at bhave that our products deliver the best hair care possible.

To achieve that goal we load each of our products with active ingredients that work to repair and nourish your hair from the inside out rather than coating the hair shaft with a quick fix.  The benefit of such high-quality ingredients is that the amount of product you need to use to achieve outstanding results also decreases. This means although you are paying more you are getting so much more, increased quality, long lasting products and results that say it all.

We know our products are not for everyone but those who do bhave with us can be assured that we are all about quality and results. So thank you, Jeanne for your question and we hope that you continue to bhave with us.

We love hearing from you, so please email or comment with any questions you may have. Looking forward to our next Facebook live feed on Wednesday, 15th March, time to be advised.


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Michelle & Sheryl xxx

Is a keratin smoothing treatment right for your hair?

Does this sound like you?

  • You dread humid and rainy days because of what it does to your hair.
  • You avoid swimming because of your hair.
  • You suffer from a frizzy halo.
  • Your locks rule you rather than the other way around.
  • You struggle to blow-dry and straighten your hair but you have to.
  • You dream of being able to have your hair straight one day and wavy the next.
  • You dream of having more time in the morning.
  • Your hair has more volume than the Eifel Tower.
  • Your natural curls have curls.
  • Your wave looks more like a tsunami.

If you feel like you’re constantly waging war with your out of control, frizzy or unmanageable hair, then our keratin smoothing treatment may just be the secret weapon you’re looking for!

We get that unmanageable hair is a soul deflating, confidence zapping and time-consuming condition that wears you down because we suffer from the same hair stresses.

Keratin smoothing is a hair taming treatment NOT a straightening treatment. It will NOT restructure your hair unlike chemical straightening that breaks down the internal bonds causing long term hair damage. What it will do is bring your wild hair into line and enhance its body, movement and manageability while eliminating the dreaded frizz.



What hair types is it good for? If your hair has a lot of frizz or curls that have a mind of their own, or your hair generally tries to rule you then you are a perfect candidate for what our keratin smoothing treatment offers.

What hair types it is not for? If you want a dead straight wash and go result, this is not the right treatment for you.

NOTE: You may experience some flatness for a week or two after the keratin service. This is normal and your hair will bounce back.


If you love your colour that’s okay. For those who lighten their hair, we recommend the smoothing treatment after you’ve had your hair lightened. This is because bleach can strip the benefits of the keratin smoothing treatment from your hair at the same time it’s stripping your colour.

If you like to walk on the darker side of the colour chart then having your hair coloured 7-10 days after your smoothing therapy will avoid your colour lifting through the treatment and leaving you a shade lighter than what you’d hoped.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we discuss what to expect when you book your keratin smoothe treatment.

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Neil Cleminson



this is why rescue therapy is magic for your hair

I frequently get clients who are distressed by the condition of their hair. They’re suffering from misbehaving tresses due to regular colouring, daily use of heat appliances, normal environmental damage such as swimming or in some extreme cases, breakage and snapping of the hair shaft. These are all confidence zapping experiences that leave them feeling distraught and despondent which is why I developed our bhave rescue therapy.

rescue-therapy-groupOur rescue therapy is an in-salon treatment that can initially be applied weekly to extremely damaged hair and then every 4 to 6 weeks thereafter to help repair, renew and protect at risk hair.  Think of it as a facial for your hair. Just like your face, your hair deserves to be treated with kindness because just like your skin, your hair ages and will show the effects of dryness and mistreatment in ways that don’t flatter.


These photos show the difference our rescue therapy makes.  The left image shows the extent of damage to this client’s hair before the treatment and the right shows the same client’s hair after only one rescue therapy treatment. What a difference. Using the rescue shampoo and conditioner at home will also help her to continue to repair her hair between treatments.

The difference between the product we have developed and other popular products on the market is the way in which they work. Rescue therapy is loaded with fully bioactive keratin protein. This keratin protein is a miracle worker on hair because it mimics and regenerates the hair’s own natural keratin which allows it to repair damage. This is why rescue therapy is magic for your hair.  

Rescue is not a polymer or silicone based product. Instead of applying a silicone or polymer layer over the top of broken cuticles, which acts as a temporary coating system, our rescue therapy penetrates the hair shaft allowing it to repair and restore each strand of hair from the inside out and it won’t weigh your hair down because it has a light molecular weight that makes it suitable for all hair types, yes even fine has.  A quick read of the ingredient list shows how this product is power packed.

Why should you care? This means that instead of applying a superficial and temporary coating our rescue therapy is working to improve your hair. It protects, helps repair any existing damage and creates more manageability and shine for the long term. It evens out porosity for the next colour treatment and restores elasticity. It’s heaven for your hair as Stephanie from Lipstick and Cake discovered during her treatment.

Lift your hair confidence to a new level.

Click here to read more or email us at to find a participating salon near you.

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Neil Cleminson

romance your hair on valentine’s day


It’s Valentine’s Day and while others are talking jewellery, flowers and chocolates I’m talking hair love because self-love is the best love of all. Let’s face it your hair is your best accessory and if it’s feeling phenomenal the world feels a little brighter. 

Here’s a list I’ve put together to inspire you to romance your hair on Valentine’s Day.

  • You are what you eat so eat well. Start today by treating yourself with food that’s going to have you glowing from the inside out. Not getting enough nutrients can leave your hair lack-lustre, brittle and prone to shedding. None of these feel or look good. Incorporating protein, iron, vitamin C, omega-3, vitamin A, zinc and selenium, vitamin E and biotin into your diet will increase your health and have your follicles thriving (I know it’s a long list but these vitamins can all be found in your food).
  • Stay hydrated. Invest in a funky water bottle that appeals to your stylish self and keep it topped up. Add a slice of lemon, lime and ginger to tantalise your taste buds and encourage you to drink more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. One way to look after your hair is to keep yourself well watered. Dehydration leads to brittle, ageing hair and nobody wants to go there.
  • Give you hair a rest from all those heated appliances. Declare today a day of natural beauty and let your hair air dry – your hair will love you for it.
  • If you do use heated appliances, protect your hair before you do so. Products like super nova, leave-in crème and riot oil protect your cuticles while you’re creating a style that you love.
  • Stretch out the shampooing 2-3 days at least. I know your scalp is oily, but believe me, washing it every day will not help. When you do shampoo stick to your roots only. I cannot stress this enough – wash your roots, condition your ends and watch the difference it makes.
  • Invest in a shampoo and conditioner loaded with active ingredients like our raw natural keratin which nourishes, repairs and builds on the health of your hair each time you wash and condition. You also need to and use a lot less.
  • Gift your hair a rescue therapy treatment and show it some deep love. You have facials for your skin why wouldn’t you give your hair the same amount of love; it’s doing such a great job for you.
  • Treat yourself to a silk pillow case not only will it feel luxurious but it is kinder on your hair and face.
  • Book yourself in for a cut, colour, or blow wave with your favourite stylist and walk on air for the rest of the day.

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Neil Cleminson

9 ways to make your hair shine like a diamond

shiny hair.jpg

In all of my years of hairdressing, the one thing that is across all clients is that no one wants dull hair; unfortunately, it can be an issue for those blessed with grey, ash or mousey hair. Dull hair is caused by the hair shaft absorbing rather than reflecting light. Again this can be due to colour, as in the case of grey hair which has no pigment in the hair shaft so absorbs rather than reflects light, or it can be the result of heat damage from over styling or even the result of environmental soils and stresses. Whatever the cause, I’ve created a list of my top tips to get you back on track and have you shining again in no time.

9 tips for shining like a diamond:-

  1. Only use a shampoo that adds moisture to your hair. Dry hair equals dull hair and you can’t shine if your hair is gasping for moisture. For instance, did you know that the bio-active keratin that is included in our shampoos and conditioners is a shine maker? Not only does it provide protection, strength and repair for your hair shaft but in performing all of those functions it also provides a surface that light can reflect off which means more shine.
  2. Always, always finish your wash by conditioning. If you have fine hair concentrate the conditioner on the end third of your hair, if your hair is curly work your conditioner from scalp through to your ends. No matter which hair type you are blessed with, leave your conditioner on for a couple of minutes if possible.
  3. Give your hair a blast of cool water during your final rinse. This will contract your hair cuticle closing it up and helping it to lay flat and reflect light.
  4. Never, never rough dry your hair with a towel otherwise all the wash love you’ve just shown it will be out the window. Rough drying damages the hair and creates more frizz. Imagine taking two fish and rubbing their scales vigorously against one another, total carnage! This is what you do when you vigorously dry your hair with a towel. Instead, squeeze the excess water from your hair and only use your towel to blot or squeeze off excess water.
  5. Protect your hair before you apply heat. Apply a small amount of riot oil, leave-in crème or super nova to your hair before you hit it with heat to help keep those cuticles healthy and calm. Hair shines best when your hair cuticle is lying flat because it bounces back light rays. Riot Oil is super rich in argan oil and will calm your cuticles and add shine, plus its great for grey haired ladies whose hair maybe starting to dry out and rebel.
  6. Always blow-dry your hair in the direction which it grows. Dry down the length of your strands not against them, this will keep that cuticle flat. Giving it a cool blast of air to finish off is also a shine-inducing move.
  7. Treat yourself and your hair each month to an at home deep intensive conditioning masque. Run a bath, grab a book, make a cuppa and relax while your hair soaks up shine-producing hydration. Just remember if it’s on for longer than 2 minutes (and I recommend that it is) you need to condition like normal when you rinse it out.
  8. Apply leave in crème to your curls to help define and shine them.
  9. If you’re hair still feels one dimensional and you feel defeated, chat to your stylist about adding highlights to help bring out your sparkle.

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Neil Cleminson


shiny hair.jpg

how to soothe your split ends


Split ends, not just the name of an 80’s band but one of the most common hair problems I see.   There are some myths circulating about split ends such as frizzy hair and split ends are the same – they are not, another one is that long straight hair is more prone to split ends where in fact curly hair is naturally drier because of the oil from the scalp not being able to travel so freely down the hair shaft. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty facts.

Split ends fun facts, what causes them and how to prevent them:-

  • Keeping yourself healthy and your hair healthy helps to protect your ends from drying out and splitting.
  • Using a highly nourishing shampoo and conditioner with active ingredients such as the bio-active keratin in our bhave range is vital to hair health.
  • It’s true that keeping your hair trimmed regularly cuts down the opportunity for your ends to split – but it isn’t the only way to deal with them once you have them.
  • Booking in for a rescue therapy treatment will help slow down and rehydrate your split ends. The raw functional keratin penetrates the hair shaft and repairs and restores each strand of hair from the inside.
  • Fresh ends and super nova are a great way of protecting your ends from splitting on a daily basis and a little applied each morning goes a long way to help to repair splits that occur.
  • The dryer your ends the more likely they are to split. Hydrating your hair with regular deep conditioning treatments will help lessen split ends.
  • Brushing your hair while it is wet can contribute to your split ends unless you use the bhave vent brush with flexible bristles. Wet hair is fragile and more likely to break. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, allow it to dry off slightly and if towel drying, blot your hair rather than rubbing it.
  • Too much brushing of your dry hair also causes split ends.
  • Regularly colouring of your hair means more split ends which means you need to take extra care to keep coloured hair hydrated.
  • Using heat appliances excessively or without a thermal protection product will cause split ends. Using a thermal protection product such as riot control oil and leave-in crème is a fantastic way to protect your hair.
  • Vigorous rubbing of your hair with a towel to dry it will create split ends.
  • Rubber bands are a definite no-no for hair health.


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Neil Cleminson