amazing results and revealing reviews of bhave keratin smoothing – part 4

If you are considering getting your keratin smoothing on and you are in the research phase you might like to see how it has worked on other clients and read some feedback. We love that about you – anything worth having is worth a bit of time and research right?


In that spirit we are also going to address the elephant that’s climbed into our room, clients purchasing our keratin smoothing treatment on-line and applying it at home. Firstly we do not sell our treatment to the public so if you’re buying it online it is from an unauthorised seller. If you’re buying from an unauthorised seller they are more concerned with making money off you than how your hair is going to look.

We do not want to lecture you in any way but we do want to protect your hair. Our keratin smoothing treatment is a salon professional product only. The reason we have developed the keratin smoothing treatment for in-salon use only is because we want you to experience the best results possible and protect you from hair disasters. We want you to experience manageable, beautiful hair that leaves you feeling amazing and confident. This will not happen if you do this treatment at home.

Hairdressers are trained professionals and like other professionals, they have a depth of knowledge that allows them to assess and adjust treatments so they are the perfect fit for your hair texture and condition, plus we provide in-salon training and that’s why they achieve such fabulous results.  We seriously encourage you to avoid a DIY keratin smoothing treatment because you deserve the real deal just like the lovely ladies below have had.

Beauty heaven.JPGYou can read an independent review from Melissa, published on Primped, about her keratin smoothing experience by clicking here . Or to see how Isabelle’s hair turned out on Beauty Heaven click here.  Kimmi from the Plastic Diaries shares great photos of her before and after here. Zoe Foster Blake needed to make life easier (especially hair life) and shares how our keratin smoothing treatment did that here. If you want to see how your smoothing can look over time then this post by Tine from Beautyholics anonymous shows a progressive timeline of her treatment, click here.


your hair, your life, your rules

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how to look after your new keratin smoothing treatment – part 3

Firstly, congratulations on your newly smoothed hair. Doesn’t it feel amazing!


This is the lovely Rachel from Townsville, as you can see from her before photo she has been fighting the frizz. After her keratin smoothing treatment, Rachel has been able to wash and wear her hair (as shown in the after image above). If she wanted to create a straighter, sleeker appearance all she would need to do would be to wash and blast dry her hair. 

As you know your treatment will last up to 5 months, depending on your hair type and how you look after it, so here’s our cheat sheet on how to do just that.

  • Do wait for 48 hours after your treatment before washing it out. This allows the treatment to work its magic into your hair. There is, however no benefit of leaving your treatment in any longer than this – it will only dry out your hair.
  • If your hair happens to get wet before the 48 hour period, don’t panic. Simply blow dry it off asap and when it’s dry go over it lightly with a flat iron on a low heat setting.
  • Do not use any styling products until after the first proper shampoo at home. If you need to, you can use the riot control oil to smooth down any pesky flyaways.
  • Use bhave sodium chloride and sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to support and maximise the longevity of your treatment. If you do use shampoos and conditioners that contain sodium chloride it may strip out your treatment. We have formulated all of our bhave shampoo and conditioners specifically to help maintain the results of your treatment for as long as possible.
  • If you like to have your hair coloured in a darker shade then we recommend waiting 7-10 days after your treatment before colouring.
  • If you’re a water baby and you love to swim be aware that sea or chlorinated water may reduce the longevity of your treatment. To counteract this we recommend that you apply leave-in crème and riot control oil before your swim and rinse your hair with fresh water immediately after. This will help eliminate any salt or chlorine build up.
  • If you love exercising and building up a sweat, rinse your hair with fresh water after your workout to eliminate the salt.
  • Use heat to activate the smoothing effect. As this is NOT a straightening treatment, however, you can wash’n’wear if you would like a little bit of movement without frizz.


your  hair, your life, your rules

Neil Cleminson

what steps are involved in a keratin smoothing? – part 2


You’re considering getting a smoothing treatment but you want to know what’s involved (we love that about you). So here’s a guide of what to expect.

Step 1.  – Have a consultation with your stylist. We cannot stress enough how important this step is in the process. Your stylist is a professional who is able to assess the texture and condition of your hair, talk you through what’s achievable, the cost and the time you need to set aside. This sets you up for the best experience possible and avoids any unwelcome surprises.

Step 2. – On your appointment day, the salon will wash your hair with a specifically formulated shampoo that removes any residue from previous products. Why does that matter? If your hair is not prepped for the keratin smoothing treatment it will affect the results you get. Your hair needs to be squeaky clean to be ready to smoothe.

Step 3. – The salon will apply the keratin smoothing treatment similarly to an all over colour. How long will it need to stay on? Glad you asked – the treatment itself will be left on your hair for 30-60 minutes. The exact time will be determined by your hairdresser after they have assessed the texture and thickness of your hair.

Step 4. –  A small amount of the treatment residue will be rinsed.  Your hair may even still feel a little slippery after this so (almost like it still has conditioner in it) don’t worry this is normal.

Step 5. – Your hairdresser will blow-dry and then straighten your hair. They will use straightening irons to smooth it. You get to take your hair home and show it off to your family and friends but you’re not finished just yet.

Step 6. – Once you get home you mustn’t wash your hair for 48 hours. Even though you may have the urge to wash it as it doesn’t feel like you want just yet – resist. You also mustn’t tie it up or wet it. Remember it’s only 48 hours to reach the pot of gold benefits. If your hair does get wet, don’t panic simply dry the wet section and go over it once or twice with a straightening iron.

Step 7.48 hours later you get to wash it out. Please don’t wait any longer than this as there are no benefits but you may dry the ends out. This is where we recommend using our shampoo and conditioner so that you are maximizing the treatment you’ve invested in. If you choose to use other products you do risk stripping out all of that amazing keratin and damaging your freshly smoothed hair. Our products are paraben and sodium chloride free which is important and they’re loaded with raw natural keratin plus a little goes a long way.

Step 8. – Reap the rewards. You now have the option to either air-dry your hair without it being frizzy and uncontrollable or achieving that straight, sleek, smooth result in a fraction of the time and feel fabulous too.

Congratulations you’re a smoothe babe!

your hair, your life, your rules

Neil Cleminson


Is a keratin smoothing treatment right for your hair?

Does this sound like you?

  • You dread humid and rainy days because of what it does to your hair.
  • You avoid swimming because of your hair.
  • You suffer from a frizzy halo.
  • Your locks rule you rather than the other way around.
  • You struggle to blow-dry and straighten your hair but you have to.
  • You dream of being able to have your hair straight one day and wavy the next.
  • You dream of having more time in the morning.
  • Your hair has more volume than the Eifel Tower.
  • Your natural curls have curls.
  • Your wave looks more like a tsunami.

If you feel like you’re constantly waging war with your out of control, frizzy or unmanageable hair, then our keratin smoothing treatment may just be the secret weapon you’re looking for!

We get that unmanageable hair is a soul deflating, confidence zapping and time-consuming condition that wears you down because we suffer from the same hair stresses.

Keratin smoothing is a hair taming treatment NOT a straightening treatment. It will NOT restructure your hair unlike chemical straightening that breaks down the internal bonds causing long term hair damage. What it will do is bring your wild hair into line and enhance its body, movement and manageability while eliminating the dreaded frizz.



What hair types is it good for? If your hair has a lot of frizz or curls that have a mind of their own, or your hair generally tries to rule you then you are a perfect candidate for what our keratin smoothing treatment offers.

What hair types it is not for? If you want a dead straight wash and go result, this is not the right treatment for you.

NOTE: You may experience some flatness for a week or two after the keratin service. This is normal and your hair will bounce back.


If you love your colour that’s okay. For those who lighten their hair, we recommend the smoothing treatment after you’ve had your hair lightened. This is because bleach can strip the benefits of the keratin smoothing treatment from your hair at the same time it’s stripping your colour.

If you like to walk on the darker side of the colour chart then having your hair coloured 7-10 days after your smoothing therapy will avoid your colour lifting through the treatment and leaving you a shade lighter than what you’d hoped.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we discuss what to expect when you book your keratin smoothe treatment.

your hair, your life, your rules

Neil Cleminson