what do fly-aways and holes in your stockings have in common?

Unfortunately neither of them are obvious when you leave the house.

We can’t help you with your stockings but we can give you the heads up on coping with fly-aways.


While staying out of the wind might be a sound solution it’s not a great life plan, so to keep those pesky fly-aways from ruining your good hair days try applying a smidgen of leave-in-creme or fresh ends to your already styled hair ends.

The mixture of peptides, keratin and oils in the fresh ends helps soothe and repair without that nasty heavy feeling while the leave-in-creme will help bring reason to your rebellious locks. Leave-in creme 145ml.JPG

Another great tip is a light spritz of good old-fashioned hair spray. This is especially helpful for fine haired chicks. fresh-ends-new-tub-2016


your hair, your life, your rules




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