Oily hair don’t care…said no girl ever!

We’re all familiar with the scenario; wash hair, dry hair, feel frustrated with the unclean appearance of hair, wash hair. Repeat.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, your hair always winds up feeling like it belongs in a McDonald’s Happy Meal, more than it does to your head. How can hair get oilier from trying to keep it clean? Here’s the thing you (probably) didn’t know: the solution, is also the problem.

We all enjoy the confidence that comes with freshly-washed locks, but washing your hair everyday is actually counter-productive to the very issue you’re trying to combat.

Over-washing your hair strips the scalp of it’s natural oils. Your scalp is a very intuitive part of the body – it produces an oil called sebum which is responsible for providing moisture and forming a protective barrier.

Simply put, a shampoo addiction often sparks your scalp to recognise a lack of natural oils, and as a result it starts to pump it out like crazy.

Oily hair image


This is one detox that doesn’t affect your chocolate/alcohol consumption. What your hair needs, is a bit of good old training. We don’t expect you to go cold turkey, but the key is to space your washes out. The first few weeks of your hair training regime may be difficult, but our hair guru Neil, highlights the reasons you may want to re-think your regular washing routine.

  1. Enjoy richer colour for longer. Washing your hair everyday can result in colour fading quickly. Needless to say, less trips to the salon, could mean more trips to the mall (if you know what we mean 😉
  1. Your hair will be shiner. The type of shine you won’t want to banish! Once your scalp has achieved some equilibrium, you’ll be enjoying a healthy glow to your locks.
  1. Your hair is less likely to split up with you – We could all do with fewer split ends in our lives! Cutting down on the use of heating appliances is likely to improve the state of those misbhaving ends.
  1. Save your money. Who knew your hair regime could make for such a financially strategic decision! Using less shampoo and conditioner is going to make a positive impact in your bank account.
  1. Dirty hair is easier to style – Have you seen the red carpet lately!?



We couldn’t bring ourselves to add it to advantage number 6, but just for the record – less time spent washing hair in the shower allows more room for activities!

So now you know the why, let’s get straight to the how.

Day 1 – Shampoo! Enjoy some “me” time in the shower to contemplate life, the week ahead and what you’ll be having for dinner. We find hair-washing time to be very useful indeed!

Day 2 – Apply dry shampoo to your roots. The bhave gunpowder dust can be used as a dry shampoo, apply sparingly to your roots to keep the oil at bay.

Day 3 – Get creative with this season’s braids or a low/high ponytail. Step outside your comfort zone and rock a wet-look ponytail. Pulling your hair back is the perfect road-block to running your fingers through your hair (notorious for it’s role within the oil production crew). Use bhave flex styling paste or the sleek pomade for a stronger hold. Dirty hair is actually the queen of versatility!

Day 4 – Rinse your hair with water and pour a bit of apple cider vinegar to help restore the pH balance of your hair, eliminating oil buildup.

Day 5 – Shampoo again, you can really enjoy it this time. You and your locks have earned it.

Thank the hair gods from above, because it really is that simple. Repeat the above process for a few weeks until you begin to notice that your hair is feeling less greasy, and more like the crown of your visual presence! You’ll also be doing the Greens a favour, fewer washes means a more eco-friendly routine. Embrace your shampoo detox because after while, damn – it feels good!

Styling products - July 2015


Avoid washing in hot water – Baby it’s cold outside, and I want a bloody hot shower. There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot wash after a long day, we know…but if you can help it, try to avoid washing your hair with hot water. It’s a common misconception that hot water and vigorous scrubbing will minimise greasy hair – it’s quite the reverse, as this will only increase your hair’s oil production. Your best bet to target oily roots is to use warm water and gently massage the scalp with a cleansing shampoo.

Just wash your fringe/bangs – If you’ve got a fringe or short layers around your face, you could just shampoo over the bathroom sink, put the rest of your hair up in a pony tail.

Dry shampoo – Dry shampoo will be your best-friend! As mentioned on day 2 of your shampoo detox, apply the gunpowder dustKill two birds with one stone and rock a sexy just-got-out-of-bed look AND conquer the illusion of clean hair.

Avoid brushing too frequently – Try to avoid brushing your hair everyday as this action alone can often stimulate oil production.

Pressing pause on daily washes means that you can enjoy shinier hair, a moisturised scalp and less split ends!

As the saying goes, old habits die hard, and are often enduring, even when we’re most determined to change them. However, it is CRUCIAL to remember that this is YOUR hair, YOUR life and YOUR rules! You’re the boss!


The real secret to achieving salon style locks.

We are all too familiar with the struggles many men and women face trying to replicate their hairstyles following a trip to the salon. For many the decline begins when they strut out the salon door empty handed feeling and looking like Gods gorgeous gift to the world, and ends with a stroll down the hair and beauty aisle of their local supermarket to stock up on “haircare essentials”.shutterstock_140016715

You may not have your hairdresser’s skills, developed over years of creating smouldering transformations, however, you do have access to their knowledge – more importantly their collection of salon professional haircare products. By using the correct products for your hair type you can reclaim and maintain that salon perfect style with grace and ease. Love, cherish and adore your hair with these tips guaranteed to make you feel like you just walked out of a salon, every day.

That Faux Fresh Supermarket Feeling

“If you take your $20 hairdryer to the salon and ask them to blow dry your hair with it, they will not get the same result as if they were using their salon professional hair dryer”

  • Neil Cleminson, Creative Director of bhave

We have received a lot of questions from people frustrated with their frizzy hair and what’s not to be frustrated about? Our girls at bhave once donned the frizz! When asking these men and women what shampoo/conditioner they used they usually say a cheaper, renowned supermarket brand. These products can often act as a “band-aid” solution, producing a soft and silky illusion by coating your hair in chemicals that in the long run have no benefit. These products are created using low quality ingredients often containing sodium chloride, paraben & sulphate nasties and contain harsh detergents to help lather your hair – all in the name of an “affordable” haircare solution.

No one can afford the long term damage these products can have on your style, confidence and the health of your hair. With this in mind, salon professional products are created for performance, with a range of active ingredients used to give every hair type the chance to bring order to their misbhaving locks!

Choosing the Right Products For Your Hair

Achieving salon professional style comes down to being able to identify your hair type, knowing what questions to ask your hairdresser, and being able to listen to their advice. We’re normally all for breaking the rules, but once in a while there comes a time to bhave – your hair’s fate is at stake after all!

Salon professional products are often more concentrated than your well known supermarket products allowing them to perform better and often last longer – you’ll be left s-a-t-i-s-f-i-e-d! Containing far less water (labelled as aqua on the bottle), you only need to use a fraction of your salon professional product as opposed to any product you find on a supermarket shelf. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, only a 20 cent coin worth is necessary to use each time, allowing your salon professional products to provide more value before needing to be replenished.

Whether your hair type is normal, oily, dry or a combination, salon professional products do not discriminate so be sure to ask your hairdresser what they recommend for your hair’s condition. Most salon professional products are also sodium chloride, paraben & sulphate free ensuring that they aren’t just great for your hair but also for the environment.

Shampoo group - July 2015

Sashay Away and Don’t Forget to bhave!

Treat your hair as an investment! After spending hours in the salon achieving the hair of your dreams why would you let your time and money go down the drain after you inevitably wash your hair? How can anyone love your hair if you don’t first give it some love of your own?

Put your trust in salon professional products that enable you to feel incredible and that are kind to your body and the world around you. Reserve supermarkets for your weekly grocery trip and join the babes at bhave, we promise you’ll thank us later.


salon spotlight – Rakis on Collins

Today’s salon spotlight sparkles on and the incredible crew at Rakis on Collins, a premier hair salon right in the heart of Melbourne city. Their outstanding service and style has won them over 100 awards in their 33-year history – we couldn’t be prouder!

Untitled design

share a little of what you love about your salon:

I love my salon because it feels like a little exclusive community, its tucked up and away from the busy roads of the city, so the privacy side of things is wonderful. As a team, we work hard collectively and we enjoy each others company which I think really shows, I feel so blessed to be apart of a team where it feels like I’m working with my friends. Apart from the aesthetics of our salon, we are so lucky to have such a diverse range of clients who keep us busy.

your fave bhave products and why? 

My 1st favourite bhave product would have the be the bombshell blonde shampoo, one of the best blonde shampoos I’ve come across, as a blonde myself, it ticks all the boxes, and it leaves your hair feeling so shiny, toned and clarified, its a must have!

A close second would have to be the deep intense conditioning masque, unbelievably nourishing that leaves the hair feeling hydrated and silky, and considering the price, we are going nuts over it.

share your best hair tip: 

If you’re wanting the most nourishment from the deep intense conditioning masque, shampoo twice like normal, jump out of the shower and towel dry quite well, apply masque to mid lengths and ends and leave for 20 minutes,whilst that sits, paint your nails, shape your eyebrows, shave your legs (anything to fill the time) then hop back in the shower and rinse thoroughly, your hair will be so thankful.

favourite work challenge?

One of my favourite creative work challenges was when I worked for the Australian ballet school in a showcase for a charity ball. I helped create a range of messy and dishevelled hairstyles that were all completely different to each other and were a range of up styles and down styles that had to contrast the simplicity of their costumes. Although it was quite challenging trying to think of so many concepts the end results were impressive as a collective.

how do you handle bad hair days?

With bhave we don’t have bad hair days. Just in case of emergency; braids, always braids.

your 3 must haves?

A smile, A positive mentality, A love for life

favourite quote?

‘Live and let live.’

where do you find your inspiration?

Social media has a big influence over my work, we are so lucky that we can connect and view things from all over the world and from all walks of life, we can gather inspiration from anyone who wants to share with us.

If you want more Rakis on Collins inspiration, visit their Facebook page or their website.


Your hair, Your life, Your rules

How to grow out your fringe/bangs and skip that awkward “in-between” phase

The journey of growing out your bangs can leave you feeling and looking like a hot mess, but when you finally get it right – damn, it feels good! There’s that stage in every girl’s life where we decide to make the chop and rock the bangs for a while, but what happens when we decide we don’t want them anymore? Say so-long to that misbhaving “in-between” stage and say hello to some kick-ass hair styles that will get you through until those bangs grow out. We say it’s time to break the rules, to take your life into your own hands.

“Don’t get me wrong I loved my fringe, but when you’re married to a busy hairdresser the saying the shoemaker’s children (or wife in this instance) goes barefoot is so true!” – Sheryl Cleminson, Co-Creative Genius behind bhave haircare.

Sheryl is married to bhave’s Co-Founder and hairdresser of 26 years, Neil Cleminson and can’t even tie him down for her regular bhave smoothing treatment! With two cow licks and a frizzy mop and fringe, she found it increasingly hard to tame the mane in that terrible “in-between” stage. Lucky enough, she’s armed with an arsenal of styling products, so she set out to tame her bangs and uncovered fashion forward looks to bring you, our lovely readers, back to bhave babe status!

blonde fringe girl.jpg


If you’re as good with your hands as we are, you’ll have no trouble bending your fringe/bangs to your will. Love, cherish and adore your hair every day of the week by taking a page from the world of Hollywood chic.


Braids get the babes! They’re fierce, versatile, and will help you peak to fashionable heights. Whether you’re going to work, to a festival, or out on the town, begin your week with sleek boxer braids or a flirty french fringe to draw attention away from your awkward “in-between” phase.

“I’m a huge fan of braids, they are so versatile with so many variants. It does take a bit of practice, but it’s worth it” says Sheryl.


Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are on to something! Whilst intimidating, these tight braids can shave hours off your morning routine. So enlist your BFF and keep yourself together all week long by applying bhave’s flexible styling paste to your hair before braiding to minimise satellite hairs to rock this fiery look all week!


A flirty french fringe is the go-to braid to soften your face and a secret weapon to setting that awkward “in-between” phrase straight.  Add a drop of hair oil to give your look a captivating shine. With a glowing confidence and your dreaded “in-between” bangs out of mind, you’re ready to love your hair again – living your life by your own rules!

french braid fringe.jpg

(image source)


Simplicity is at the heart of chic on-trend looks, so no need to panic if your braid game isn’t up to scratch. Undergoing a keratin smoothing treatment, not only fights the dreaded frizz, but also assists in taming your mane on a daily basis. Say so long to those early mornings as you no longer have to spend hours each day to look your best. Simply wake up and style your hair to look like these latest and greatest trends!


The whimsical half knot transports your “messy hair don’t care” attitude into a fashionable statement. Begin tying half of your hair back into a knot being sure to pull in your frustrating fringe. If your bangs aren’t long enough, add a few bobby pins or a slither of pomade to keep those baby hairs from falling out, before strutting out the door to take on the world!


When all else fails and you’re rushing out the door, apply some bhave sleek pomade or flex styling paste to make jaws hit the floor! Tie your hair up into a high or low ponytail to complete the look!

brunette slicked ponytail

(Image source)


Do you have a big event on, or just want to feel gorgeously glam? Hair accessories aren’t just for the brave – experiment with the versatile array of edgy wearables that are trending right now! Begin by parting your hair in the centre or wherever your part naturally falls, before clipping in your choice of metallic accessories. Bohemian at heart? Why not embrace a head scarf and dream away the day thinking about your much trendier alter ego frolicking around the wanderlust town of Byron Bay.

PRO TIP: “Keeping your regular hair appointments while growing out your fringe will ensure you live through the awkward in-between stage. Just ask your hairdresser to help with a gradual haircut to help blend in your fringe with the rest of your hairstyle.” Neil Cleminson, Co-Creative Genius behind bhave.

All in all, growing out your bangs can be intimidating but when you break the rules with bhave no one will ever know the difference! Being sleek, stylish and sexy has never been easier or more fun! Live your life your way – get creative, be brave and show your hair who’s boss!

Styling products - July 2015

Your Hair, Your Life, Your Rules!

Why you need to protect your hair from heat

Flat irons, curling tongs and blow dryers, where would we be without them? They bring style to our locks and confidence to our hair days, but as much as we love their results they’re also hard on our hair.  This is where heat protectants and some simple guidelines are worth their weight in gold.

Your hair, like your skin suffers from heat damage. Just like your skin, your hair needs to be protected before it’s exposed. Hair that is unprotected and overstressed by heat ends up suffering from split ends, breakage and dullness and I bet none of these are on your hair wish list. So let’s talk prevention.

heat protectant pic.jpg

What to look for in a heated appliance:

  • Heated appliances are an investment. While cheap heated appliances appeal to the pocket the flip side is they are also more likely to damage your hair. Quality professional appliances will last longer and are less likely to fry your hair.
  • Looking for appliances that have temperature control is important. Fine hair requires lower temperatures while thicker hair needs higher temperatures.
  • Tools with ceramic or tourmaline plates are ideal as they heat up quickly and evenly.
  • Ask your stylist for some advice on which are the best styling appliances for your hair and for tips on using your heated appliances at home.
  • Click here to read an excellent rundown on flat irons from Hair Straightener Studio.

How heat protectants work:

  • Provides a layer of moisture that forms a barrier against damage – reducing moisture loss.
  • They allow the heat to be distributed more evenly.
  • They slow down the heating process so you’re not cooking your hair.
  • Keep in mind – they protect but they are unable to prevent long term damage if you’re using irons daily at high temperatures.

How to use a heat protectant:

  • Applying to wet hair helps to distribute the products more evenly, whether you’re applying a spray, crème or oil. After applying, use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb through your hair.
  • If using a spray, hold it away from your hair to allow it to disperse as effectively as possible.
  • If using a leave-in crème or riot control oil work through the lengths and ends of your hair.

Musts for using heated appliances:

  • Your hair must be dry before you using flat irons or curling tongs – if you skip this step you will cause serious damage to your hair by boiling the moisture out of it.
  • Heat can damage hair structure, so applying heat protection before applying heat is a must.
  • If you are a daily heated appliance user, consider giving your hair some time off for good behaviour. Long-term use of heated appliances does come with consequences.
  • Schedule conditioning treatments in. Help replenish the moisture you lose with heated appliances by making time to inject moisture back into it with a deep intense conditioning masque – add a good book or movie and your favourite drink and call it a wellness retreat.
  • If your hair has suffered from heated appliances for a long time, consider treating it to an in-salon rescue therapy. This will help repair and restore proteins and moisture to your long-suffering locks and protect them from future damage.
  • Don’t use flat irons and curling tongs every day if you want your hair to be in peak condition.
  • No one should use heat at 200+ degrees Celcius / 390+ degrees Fahrenheit on their hair.
  • If your appliances are hot enough to sizzle or smoke when touching your hair, they’re doing damage.
  • Always keep your heated tools on the move to avoid damage.


your hair, your rules, your life

Neil Cleminson

how to unleash the magic of your curls

Curly hair

If you spend more time frustrated with your curls than in love with them this post is for you. You might have forgotten that girls with curls are the envy of all the straight haired girls out there. We want to remind you that, even though they may drive you mad, your curls are a hidden blessing that deserve your love. We’ve got you covered with some tips on how to work them well.

Curl detractors – to avoid:-

  • Styles that leave you with bulk laden ends, including anything that forms a triangular shape.
  • Fine-tooth combs – just say no!
  • Washing your hair daily. Losing more natural oils is not an option.
  • Brushing your hair – full stop.
  • Swimming or exercising without a touch of leave-in crème. That’s a recipe for a frizz fight right there.
  • Anyone running their fingers through your hair – as if we need to tell you that!

Curl enhancers – to embrace:-

  • Loose braids, headbands and buns. These turn “what the!” hair days into “you go girl!” days.
  • Longer layers and a good cut unleash the power of the curl.
  • A good stylist is more valuable than gold. If you see a curly haired sister with a great cut, step out of your comfort zone and ask her where she got her hair cut. This may be a life changing opportunity.
  • Conditioning your hair well and allowing it to soak in after washing. Your ends will reward you for it.
  • Deep conditioning treatments are a necessity for girls with curls. The curlier your hair the less able your natural oils are to make their way all the way to your ends. This leaves them gasping for moisture and suffering from frizz. Applying a deep conditioning masque on a regular basis will help to tame your mane.
  • Rinsing out your conditioner with cold water (and it’s good for you skin too).
  • Detangling your hair should be an in shower event. It’s kinder on your hair and your nerves.
  • After combing through and rinsing out your conditioner in the shower don’t comb your hair again. Use your fingers to help reform your curls instead – I cannot stress this point enough.
  • Sulphate and sodium chloride free shampoos and conditioners are a must otherwise you could be drying your hair out even more.
  • Invest in a micro-fibre towel for drying your hair and squeeze, don’t rub your hair to get rid of excess water.
  • Plopping your hair (wrapping it in a towel to dry) to help reduce the frizz (click this link to loveyourcurls.com.au for a visual).
  • If you’re drying your hair with a diffuser, make sure to get your parting into position before you start, because once your hair is dry and you attempt to re-part your hair, you will end up creating unwanted frizz.
  • During the scrunch drying process move the diffuser as little as possible. Completely dry each section of your hair before moving on to the next section to dry. You are going to love the results!


Watch this space for my upcoming Facebook Live feed where I will go through some tried and true techniques and tips for enhancing those curls.


your hair, your life, your rules,

Neil Cleminson

How to have a happy scalp and healthy hair

scalp girl

It’s easy to focus on the health of your hair. It’s right there in front of you, showing you how it’s feeling on a daily basis, but your scalp is hidden under your locks and like they say, out of sight out of mind.  While we can all be a little guilty of ignoring our scalp, it’s an important part of your hair health. Think of it as the topsoil that a healthy garden blooms from.

Little known but significant scalp health facts:-

  • Your scalp ages just like the rest of your skin. Ageing skin tends to lose its moisture and its ability to form a protective barrier to keep moisture and goodness in. This breakdown in the moisture level of your scalp and its ability to form a barrier is also one of the causes of irritation in the form of itchiness, redness, dandruff and ultimately can lead to brittle, dry or thin hair.
  • Healthy scalps have good blood flow and are thick.
  • Your hair follicles rely on the natural oils from the glands around them to keep them healthy.
  • Keeping your scalp happy and healthy is fundamental to keeping your hair looking good.
  • If your scalp is healthy it improves the structure of your hair follicle and provides the perfect environment to promote hair growth.
  • If your scalp gets continually sun damaged it may lead to an increase in thinning of your hair. Find yourself a stylish hat and grab a bottle of super nova to help protect your hair and scalp from UV damage.
  • Scalp health is affected by diet, medication, hormonal changes and chemical hair processes. Eating well, keeping hydrated and using good quality hair care like our scalp shampoo, which is specifically formulated to soothe irritation, is essential to the health of your scalp and hair.
  • Next time you’re washing your hair give yourself a mini head massage using all ten of your fingers and kneading your scalp like you’re making dough. A scalp massage not only feels divine but helps increase the blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the head.
  • Washing your hair with extremely hot water is not good for your scalp.
  • Your scalp needs to be exfoliated just like your face and body. This helps to remove the buildup of dead skin cells and products that accumulate. Massaging an exfoliating masque into your scalp once a month will keep it healthy. For a DIY exfoliate treatment for your scalp mix a tablespoon of coarse sugar with your bhave shampoo and massage gently into your scalp before rinsing as normal and finishing with conditioner.


your hair, your life, your rules

Neil Cleminson